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Raising the Standard for Restroom Cleanliness

  • School Life
  • Hayley Teo
  • Nov 18 2021
Y.W.C.A. Preschool

We are proud to share that our Chinese Teacher, Ms Jasmine Ng Siew Kuan from YWCA Preschool @ Bukit Gombak has been awarded with the LOO Awards 2021 (Individual Category)!

The (Let’s Observe Ourselves) LOO Awards recognises the efforts of individuals who have contributed to help Singapore achieve a world recognised standard of restroom cleanliness.

YWCA Preschool Singapore has been participating in the Happy Toilets @ Preschool Projects, collaboratively organised by the Restroom Association (Singapore) and APP Sinarmas since 2018.

As part of this project led by Ms Ng, children were taught on toilet hygiene and given the opportunity to personalise the restrooms with Frozen and Superhero themed decorations to remind them to keep the toilets and themselves clean.

The children also enjoyed participating in a toilet spring cleaning activity and had a Cleaner Aunty’s Appreciation Day to appreciate the hardship of the aunties washing the toilets. This activity also imparted a sense of personal responsibility to our children to maintain the toilet’s cleanliness and cultivate good personal hygiene practices.

Congratulations once again to Ms Ng and her team for this remarkable achievement!

Y.W.C.A. Preschool Y.W.C.A. Preschool