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Our Curriculum

We provide care and education in a warm, nurturing and safe environment that focuses on children’s holistic development.

phonics programme

Our carefully structured Story JoyTM programme expands on story books to provide an integrated learning approach and nurture a love of reading in our preschool children.

Using creative methods to bring a story to life, our teachers will enable children to build their capacity to listen attentively, increasing their interest and understanding of the language.

This curriculum will help enhance your child’s early literacy skills and phonological awareness through a variety of songs, rhymes, and reading materials.

Our professional and nurturing teachers will support your child in developing strengths and qualities such as confidence, competence, compassion and respect for others.

Through our daily activities and play experiences, we inculcate positive learning dispositions such as perseverance, reflectiveness, appreciation, inventiveness, and a sense of wonder and curiosity.

Your child will learn the essential life skills of communicating, interacting, and building relationships with others.

child jumping across tires

Children at our preschools enjoy participating in physical activities and outdoor play daily. Our meticulously planned physical activities allow them to hone their fine and gross motor skills and develop movement concepts that include space, effort, and relationship awareness, helping them move confidently in daily activities.

In acquiring motor skills and developing physical fitness, we will also help our children develop healthy habits such as exercising regularly, choosing a nutritious diet and practising good hygiene. They will also be taught safety practices at home, in school, and in public places concerning themselves and others around them.

children playing musical instruments

We nurture and unleash your child’s creative expressions through our curriculum of art, music and movement activities.

Our curriculum includes process art making, learning various musical instruments and exposing our children to cultural songs and dance movements in a fun, enriching and engaging environment.

Your child will also be able to share ideas and feelings about art, music, and movement by learning the elements of art and using art vocabularies in show-and-tell and peer artwork appreciation.

child and teacher looking at ferns through a magnifying glass

Our innovative teachers will tap on your child’s natural curiosity and engage their five senses by using a range of resources and tools to let them explore and interact with their surroundings, working through simple investigations to discover how things happen.

Early science concepts such as people and cultures, natural and built environment, places and spaces, time and events, inventions and technology are weaved into our integrated curriculum to enable our young explorers to nurture interest and develop a positive attitude to the world.

Children will also be taught critical thinking skills and have the opportunity to share personal discoveries beyond the classroom.

teacher teaching a math lesson

Our carefully planned integrated curriculum adopts a systematic progression of mathematical concepts, skills, and processes to help your child attain a firm foundation in numeracy.

Through fun and engaging activities embedded into their daily learning experiences, we help nurture your child’s interest in the subject. Your child will not only acquire counting skills and number sense, but will also build logical thinking skills and problem-solving capabilities.

Y.W.C.A. Preschool

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