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Creation C.A.R.E (Children’s Action to Rescue Earth) Project

  • School Life, Sustainability
  • Hayley Teo
  • Aug 23 2022
Y.W.C.A. Preschool

Driving home the importance of sustainability is key to a better future. Over the years, YWCA Preschool has collaborated with multiple stakeholders such as NParks to educate the little ones on caring for the environment.

During this year’s June Holiday Activity, YWCA Preschool @ McNair focused on educating its students about caring for the environment, land and sea in a project called Creation C.A.R.E (Children’s Action to Rescue Earth). The activity included a collaboration with Sembcorp Energy.
The children gained awareness about Earth’s finite resources through videos, songs and a story about sea pollution – Somebody Swallowed Stanley. They learnt the steps we could each take to care for the plants, animals and places that we live, play and work in.

The children took part in a series of hands-on activities to cement their learning. They attended a zoom session on recycling organized by Sembcorp Energy. The talk was very informational as it educated the children on how to care for the environment through reducing waste and how to identify between recyclable and non-recyclable materials. The session was also very interactive as it allowed children to ask questions and apply what they learnt by completing the SembWaste Kids Activity Booklet provided by Sembcorp.

completing SembWaste activity booklet

In addition, they were given an opportunity to meet with the Sembcorp recyclable collectors and thank these unsung heroes directly for the work that they are doing for our community.

meeting with recyclable collectors
thanking recycling collectors

Following the talk, the children helped their teachers to build and paint three recycling bins in the form of Sesame Street characters; Cookie Monster, Elmo and Big Bird, to hold different recyclable materials for metals, plastic and paper objects. In a bid to strengthen the engagement of parents as a key partner in nurturing good environmental practices and values in young children, the teachers worked directly with them on ensuring that the recyclable materials that were brought from home were clean and dry. The parents and teachers also guided their children to deposit the items in the correct bins.

recycling bins
recycling item in the bin

The children subsequently used their creativity to transform some of the collected materials into adorable sea creatures, and this activity showed them that discarded materials can be given a new lease of life.

recycled sea creature artwork

Through the various discussions and hands-on activities, our students became more aware of how their actions could impact the environment and the importance of adopting a 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) lifestyle. This learning journey reinforced their responsibility toward caring for other living things.


Y.W.C.A. Preschool Y.W.C.A. Preschool