Y.W.C.A. Preschool Y.W.C.A. Preschool

The teachers at YWCA Preschool @ Bedok were very excited about the birth of a baby panda in River Safari! The children had visited Jia Jia and Kia Kia three years back. That week, the Chinese teachers planned and conducted a News Talk activity on this topic. Children recapped their experiences and recalled the diet and habitat of the pandas.

The teachers then engaged the children in making a “baby shower gift” for the pandas. N2 children helped to make “ang ku kueh” out of playdough while K2 children drew and wrote well-wishes cards in Chinese. The younger children painted the corrugated cardboard and made them into “bamboos”.

A representative from River Safari came to pick up the baby shower gift from the centre which will be displayed at the Giant Panda Forest. Do visit the panda family if you are planning a family trip! We would like to wish Jia Jia, Kia Kia and baby abundances of happiness and good health!

It was 10 July 2021, Saturday, 8am, drizzling. 

In conjunction with the planting “One Million trees” movement, we were honoured to be invited to a tree-planting session with DPM Heng Swee Kiat. Wu laoshi, Mrs Yong, Mrs Sive and I were grateful that we would be planting trees in our own ‘backyard’ – a block away from YWCA Preschool @ Bedok, doing a part in greening our community. 

Though it was a gloomy morning, we were even more grateful to be able to spend some precious moments with DPM Heng, who was very appreciative of the work and effort that we have put in. We shared about the extra safety measures we have put in place as well as educating our students on the habits of washing hands and putting on masks. We also shared that parents were understanding in keeping their children at home if they have a cough or runny nose.

As a team, we finally planted two trees in front of Blk 27 New Upper Changi Road. We whistled a silent prayer that our students would grow up strong like the trees!