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YWCA Preschool @ Bukit Gombak was the proud recipient of the ECDA Innovation Grant Project for their Happy Toilet Hygiene initiative in 2018. This prestigious grant, totalling $1.3k, provided the Centre with the necessary resources and materials to embark on this project.

Under the guidance of the Chinese Teacher Jasmine Ng, the Centre embarked on an ambitious project to educate preschool children on the importance of good toilet hygiene practices. The Happy Toilet Hygiene project achieved remarkable success, and the Centre was awarded the LOO Award under the Individual category in 2021.

Through the collaborative efforts of the dedicated staff and children at YWCA Preschool @ Bukit Gombak, the toilets were transformed into a welcoming and vibrant space, bringing to life a kaleidoscope of colourful artwork. Our experienced teachers trained the preschoolers in effective handwashing techniques, toilet etiquette, and hygiene habits, which proved instrumental in cultivating a culture of cleanliness and well-being.

Children took pride in their roles as toilet LOO Inspectors. They worked diligently to maintain the cleanliness of the toilets to create a positive learning environment for all.

The project profoundly impacted the students, who learned the importance of maintaining a clean environment and how it affects their overall health and well-being. It also fostered collaboration and creativity among the staff and children, creating a supportive and nurturing learning environment.

The Happy Toilets @ Preschool Programme recognised YWCA Preschool @Bukit Gombak’s commitment to promoting good hygiene practices and maintaining a clean environment with a Platinum award for the 3-year Certification and Collaboration in 2022. This achievement underscores the Centre’s commitment to promoting good hygiene practices and maintaining a clean environment.

YWCA Preschool @ Bukit Gombak is proud to have undertaken this important initiative, which has had a lasting impact on the lives of its students as we remain committed to promoting good hygiene practices and maintaining a pristine environment for students to learn and thrive.

The people who kept our toilets cleanFrom little hands to a dedicated cleaning team – teamwork makes the dream work! YWCA Preschool@ Bukit Gombak is grateful for our hardworking children and aunties who work behind the scenes to keep our toilets clean
The unsung heroes who work tirelessly to keep our little ones' spaces spotless and sparkling!The unsung heroes who work tirelessly to keep our little ones’ spaces spotless and sparkling!

We are proud to share that our Chinese Teacher, Ms Jasmine Ng Siew Kuan from YWCA Preschool @ Bukit Gombak has been awarded with the LOO Awards 2021 (Individual Category)!

The (Let’s Observe Ourselves) LOO Awards recognises the efforts of individuals who have contributed to help Singapore achieve a world recognised standard of restroom cleanliness.

YWCA Preschool Singapore has been participating in the Happy Toilets @ Preschool Projects, collaboratively organised by the Restroom Association (Singapore) and APP Sinarmas since 2018.

As part of this project led by Ms Ng, children were taught on toilet hygiene and given the opportunity to personalise the restrooms with Frozen and Superhero themed decorations to remind them to keep the toilets and themselves clean.

The children also enjoyed participating in a toilet spring cleaning activity and had a Cleaner Aunty’s Appreciation Day to appreciate the hardship of the aunties washing the toilets. This activity also imparted a sense of personal responsibility to our children to maintain the toilet’s cleanliness and cultivate good personal hygiene practices.

Congratulations once again to Ms Ng and her team for this remarkable achievement!

Under the guidance of teachers at YWCA Preschool @ Ang Mo Kio, our children participated in the Abbott GROW Show You Can competition,  organised by KidsSTOP™Science Centre. The competition is an annual event for young children to showcase their talents through creative performances.

Selected K1 children acted in a drama about two adventurers who ventured into the forest to explore and came to discover the benefits of nature. The creativity of the plot and excellent execution of the skit led the team into the grand finals, achieving a commendable third prize. The competition provided the platform for our young children to build their confidence and work in a team.