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About Us

YWCA Preschool is committed to serving the community with quality, affordable, and inclusive childcare. As a subsidiary of the Young Women’s Christian Association of Singapore (YWCA), we are pioneers of preschool education backed by over 60 years of experience.

We believe that every child, regardless of race, religion, or financial standing, should have access to quality education in a safe, caring, and healthy environment. Our holistic curriculum encompasses knowledge and character development to help our children build life skills and reach their full potential.

We are a registered charity and an appointed Partner-Operator by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA).

Y.W.C.A. Preschool Y.W.C.A. Preschool Y.W.C.A. Preschool Y.W.C.A. Preschool Y.W.C.A. Preschool Y.W.C.A. Preschool

Why Parents Choose YWCA Preschool

Y.W.C.A. Preschool

We believe in providing quality childcare to every child by placing them in a safe, caring and healthy environment. Our comprehensive curriculum supports all areas of a child’s development and wellbeing.

Y.W.C.A. Preschool

As a Partner-Operator funded by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA), we emphasise on making childcare education affordable for all. Besides governmental subsidies and financial aid, we also provide additional discounts for YWCA members.

Y.W.C.A. Preschool

We believe that all children are unique and should be given the best opportunity possible to reach their potential to learn. Our expert team of qualified trans-disciplinary educators can guide children in a caring environment that also incorporates integrated programmes for children with learning difficulties.

Y.W.C.A. Preschool
Low Teacher To Student Ratio

We strongly believe in keeping our teacher to student ratio low to promote high-quality interactions between teachers and children. This allows our teachers to provide greater focus on the individual needs of the children and engage them in meaningful interactions.

Y.W.C.A. Preschool
Close Parent-Teacher

We believe in fostering close parent-teacher partnerships to create an environment that is conducive and supportive of children's development and growth, contributing to their long-term success.

Y.W.C.A. Preschool

What We Offer

  • Holistic Curriculum

    Our curriculum follows the Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) Framework by the Ministry of Education.

    • Story JoyTM

    • Learning Beyond
      the Classroom

    • Social and Emotional Development

    • Early Numeracy

    • Aesthetics and Creative Expression

    • Motor Skills Development

    Y.W.C.A. Preschool
  • Health and Nutrition Programme

    We are accredited with the Healthy Meals in Pre-schools Programme (HMPP) by the Health Promotion Board.

    Y.W.C.A. Preschool

Happy Parents Testimonials

  • As an experienced Early Childhood Educator, I understand how tough it is to look after so many kids. It's a physically and mentally tiring job, yet satisfying to see children learn and grow. I think all of you did a very good job in the constant updates of my kids. I see Mrs Yong really cracking her brains to make Caitlyn eat, learn and she even went to the extent of updating me through WhatsApp or calls even after school hours! The Aunties in the centre also give me regular updates on how Chervelle and Caitlyn are doing and we really appreciate it! I’m happy that both my kids are well taken care of in YWCA and that I don’t have to worry while at work.

    Fely Seah, Parents of Caitlyn and Chervelle
  • My daughter, Laura, looks forward to going to YWCA Preschool @ Pasir Ris every day and enjoys interacting with her teachers, classmates and cooking / cleaning aunties. More importantly, over the course of these 18 months, Laura is able to pick up good linguistic skills. She surprises me by being bilingual, and is able to switch from English to Chinese (and vice versa) comfortably. I am pleased with the progress that Laura has made as well as the good efforts that the teachers have put in. Thank You Teacher Natalie, Teacher Zhang Lao Shi, and Teacher Joseph!

    David Huang,Parents of Laura
  • We believe that there should be more to just having a good pedagogy or state of the art technology in running a childcare centre. It is the People Factor, the Heart and the Belief of doing the work to help the child. Grounded by Christian values, the teachers and all the staff are the best caregivers and role models in the early years of our daughter.

    Parents of Sonia
  • YWCA Ang Mo Kio Preschool has always encouraged parents to work closely with the teachers as partners with the common outcome of optimising the child's physical, intellectual and social development. I am glad to have found a partner in YWCA Preschool.

    Florence,Parent Of Sophia Aw Yong
  • Ever since we entrusted our kids with YWCA, they have developed skillsets to learn to be independent. One of the milestones was that they were able to feed themselves at 20 months old. Their academic capabilities have also improved tremendously. We are surprised at the number of Chinese characters my four-year-old could recognise and write. Both my two and four years old sing a lot of songs learnt at the preschool.

    Parents of Aden and Violet Chong
  • Mrs Sumathy is a teacher who motivates and cares deeply for her students. Most importantly, she takes the extra effort to connect and communicate with the parents to ensure the child’s overall wellbeing. she is not only an experienced teacher but also can command the children's respect and attention. Her caring and friendly personality enable her to reassure the children and make them feel comfortable with her.

    Gladys Lim,Parent of Chan Hiang Peng
  • At YWCA Outram Preschool, my daughter was not only able to improve her academic skills but also taught how to live to be a better person. Under Ms Wang’s teaching and influence, Rihanna was also able to form an image of what kind of person she wanted to grow up to be. Ms Wang will always have a special place in my daughter's heart and she will remember what she had learnt from her and carry it throughout her growing up years!

    Shi Xiaojia,Parent of Rihanna Zheng
  • After playground time yesterday, Teacher Agnes accompanied my son to the bathroom to test the water temperature as he has been feeling anxious of having his requests unheard and terrified of having to shower in overly hot water. This display of patient listening from Teacher Agnes helped my son to feel safe. Thank you, Teacher Agnes. Cohen feels frustrated, and then fearful when he is unheard. Sometimes little ones are unable to communicate those feelings succinctly enough for adults to hear. You showed him that all feelings are alright, and that he can speak up when he is uncomfortable. And when he voices it out, a grown-up will listen. This extra mile you went to is significant to my family.

    Sharon & Kingston, Parent of Cohen
Y.W.C.A. Preschool

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